Affiliate Programs

Tabletop Tribe belongs to two affiliate programs, with Amazon UK and Wordery, which provide modest commissions for click on links that result in sales.

Commission earned can range from 1% (Amazon – games usually earn 3% commission) to as much as 5% (Wordery – their official site only).

In both cases we pledge to find the cheapest possible option for the item we link to. In the case of Amazon there can be quite a disparity in prices, so we will always seek out the cheapest option for our readers, rather than trying to gouge money by linking to the most dear.

If an item is cheaper on Amazon but we would earn more commission on Wordery, we would provide an Amazon link, although we may still provide a Wordery alternative, as a proportion of our readers would rather support a dedicated book outlet than Amazon.

All proceeds from Affiliate programs are used by us to maintain this site (paying for things such as domain registration and other site fees), and if there’s any left over, to put towards new products that we will review.

No affiliate link will cost you any more for the product – our commission comes from the seller or from the company itself.

You can of course opt out of supporting us in this way by simply undertaking your own searches for the products we list and review, but we do hope you’ll continue to help us in this small way to continue creating the best content we can, without resorting to paid advertisements or previews, which we’re loathed to do.

Thank you!

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