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About Tabletop Tribe… it’s the creation of Guy Hauldren – 3D scanning guru, tabletop and boardgames fanatic, video gamer, geek, and dad. Not necessarily in that order.

After almost 20 years in the Film/TV VFX industry and running a 3D scanning company, it was time to take a step back from digital and return to more beloved analogue roots, and he began to write gaming articles published at first on Medium. After these met with great success it was time to step up, take some proper photos, create a proper site and do the proper business!

Tabletop Tribe publishes reviews and articles about all things tabletop and board/dice/card game related. In time we hope to publish video reviews, take on more writers and content creators, and expand the Tribe!

Tabletop Tribe - UKGE UK Games Expo 2017

We attend the major UK gaming events such as The UK Games Expo (UKGE) – see our articles about the 2017 expo here and here and hope in time, and with your support, to attend Essen, GenCon and more.

We hope you’ll join us for the fun & games! Subscribe in the sidebar for an email with each new article. We only publish 1-2 articles a week so we won’t jam up your inbox!

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